Santa Fe Tour Guides Association

Santa Fe Tour Guides was formed to promote and support higher standards for guided experiences for guests to Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Members are admitted by peer review, expected to comply with requirements for licensing and insurance, encouraged to participate in continuing education about our area, and expected to treat our guests, as they themselves would wish to be treated. By engaging an independent member of Santa Fe Tour Guides, you are assuring yourself a better experience of beautiful northern New Mexico.


 Why hire a guide while you’re in Santa Fe?  A knowledgeable and personable tour guide can enhance your experience of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.  The testimonials below illustrate many visitors’ delight and satisfaction in having hired one of the Santa Fe Tour Guides.  


Yogihiker is AWESOME! What a great idea! We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting and spending time with you. It was a truly memorable experience. We hope to do it again in the future!“ –Keith P., St. Louis, MO


“My family and I spent 6 days in Santa Fe this past winter vacation. We engaged Robbie (Cultural Treasures) on two occasions. One was a walking tour of Santa Fe itself, which was fun because it put us at ease in the downtown area of Santa Fe and gave us a view of the history.  Secondly, Robbie set up an artist’s insider tour for us. That was a spectacular experience and was really one of the peak experiences of our trip and will be very memorable for my whole family. We drove with Robbie to an artist’s home. He showed us some pictures from his portfolio and then showed us in detail how he created them, from the start of cutting canvas and securing it to a frame, all the way through the oil painting process. We saw a canvas go from blank to gorgeous in 2 hours. Then his wife served us an absolutely delicious meal and we sat and heard stories about their family and life together. It felt so homey and warm. My children and I all enjoyed it—I have 3 teenagers, ages 17,15 and 13. What a privileged time.  In addition to all of that Robbie was very generous answering questions in advance of our trip and giving me guidance in general about other day trips to explore and Santa Fe in general. Highly recommended.”


“I went to Santa Fe seeking interesting and exhilarating hiking in the area. Thanks to Georges and Sue of Santa Fe Walkabouts, my vacation was all I had hoped for. Their knowledge and love for the area is evident. The hikes were carefully planned to ensure my enjoyment as well as my comfort and safety. Thank you Georges and Sue.” –Pearl, Toronto, Canada


“I had the most fantastic experience in touring the Taos Pueblo reservation with Dene Canon (Enchanted Journeys de Santa Fe).  She was very knowledgeable about its history. She is also a shopping guide for gemstones and local crafts. I bought some of the wonderful stuff while there. The landscape to Ghost Ranch was picturesque. Overall I highly recommend Enchanted Journey for all aspects of your trip.” – Deb C., New York, NY


“I have been to Northern New Mexico many times, but this time I was able to see and feel the heart of New Mexico. I was shown things I haven’t seen before, and was introduced to people that I wouldn’t have been able to meet without Doug (Earth Walks).”


Scott [Outspire Hiking and Snowshoeing] crafted an outing for the two of us that could not have been better.  We love the outdoors and hiking but some of our physical limitations can get in the way.  This hike was off the trail, full of interesting geology and archeology….and Scott was so considerate of our particular needs while insuring we had a great, interesting and education experience.  These folks are solid professionals and all the great reviews you see are very well deserved. – Chris K., St. Louis, MO


“This is one of those experiences (with Sacred Santa Fe) you tend to remember for many years…. can only be described as extraordinary and a good time.” – Tom / San Francisco, CA


Barbara and I want to thank you (Robbie, Cultural Treasures) for introducing us to Randy Silva and the Santa Clara Pueblo. Your “tour” didn’t feel like a “tour.” It felt like going for a ride in the country with a close friend to have lunch with another close friend. Randy is a talented artist, a terrific raconteur, and a great cook. How can you beat that combination.  We were so fortunate to meet you and to gain your insights into the art and culture of Northern New Mexico. Let’s do this again soon.” – Michael F., Rosemont, IL


“We had an amazing time hiking with Stacy with Yogihiker! Hands down one of my favorite things we did in Santa Fe. Not only was the Santa Fe National Forest gorgeous (love that pine tree smell!), but Stacy was an excellent guide and conversationalist. And, she suggested what turned out to be our favorite restaurant in Santa Fe. Like another reviewer said, Stacy made it so easy…she carried all our yoga gear, so we only had to bring sunscreen and water. The yoga stop was incredible…listening to our own breath, the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees and a woodpecker and other birds overhead. Rarely, on a hike, do I stop to hear all the sounds of nature…mixing yoga with hiking is such a brilliant idea! Highly recommend!” – Cheryl L.,  Solana Beach, CA


Thanks, Karen,[Outspire Hiking and Snowshoeing]…we certainly enjoyed our hike, we were not expecting to see so many interesting features on one hike!!  We would have missed so much without your expertise.  It has sparked our interests to read and learn more about the Native Americans of that area.  I am sure we will be back and will be contacting you again…. Mary T., Grand Rapids, MI


“We feel fortunate to have had ‘the best of the best’ to experience the ‘real’ Santa Fe (with Sacred Santa Fe). It was definitely the highlight of our trip.  Thanks for all the ‘extras’ you did for us.” – Sonya / Madison, WI